千住の家 The House of Senju(Narrow space housing)

This is a small house built in downtown Tokyo.
The area available for construction was 29.18 m2 (3.7 m × 7.9 m) which is a rare case even for Tokyo downtown.
Even though built on limited surface, this small modern house was designed with the traditional Japanese space approach, which does not give the cramped feeling, but rather creates attractive feel of openness.
• The internal and external spaces are not divided visually/aesthetically;
(To create the feeling of airy space, a traditional Japanese garden typically situated in front of the house was visually incorporated into the design. In Japanese, this method  is called syatsukei. )
• Rooms are not completely separated;
(So as to not visually divide the rooms, glass or traditional sliding doors were used)
• The ceiling of the rooms was devised to seem higher;
When coming into a room with a high ceiling from the one with a low ceiling, you feel the space spread up high. By changing the ceiling height from 1.9 m to 2.1 m / 3.4 m / 4.3 m, the spacious feeling is created.